Here are some useful tips and helpful suggestions from our shipping pros

Packing and Shipping Recommendations

Use a Corrugated Box
Whenever possible, use a new box. Please package the product safely and securely.

Provide Internal Protection
It is important to cushion the contents of your package properly.
Please be sure that you wrap each item separately. Fragile articles need separation from each other, and from the corners, sides, top, and bottom of the box. Please use some form of cushioning such as bubble wrap to protect your valuable contents.

Close Your Container Securely
Proper closure of your container is just as important as proper cushioning for the safety and security of your shipment.
Please use shipping tape (two inches or more in width) to securely close the box.

Make sure to include a copy of your Contec Direct Order inside the box.

Prepare the Shipping Label
Please use the complete address for the Contec Direct location on your label (which should match your 'Ship To' address on the Contec Direct order).

Take your box to a UPS Store or Shipping Center, FedEx Kinkos or Shipping Center or US Post Office, or drop off to Contec Direct Repair Center location for shipment to Contec Direct.

Keep a copy of your tracking number so you can track packages:

Please remember to include a copy of your Contect Direct evaluation order inside your box(es).
Contec Direct will notify you when your package(s) is/are received.

Thank-you for choosing Contec Direct!